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Vintage Newspapers + Shirts + Invitations

Vintage Anniversary Newspapers

Available For Any Year

Commemorate love & memories with this keepsake that captures the headlines and trivia from the year the special couple were married. Whether gifting to a spouse, partner, friend or relative, this vintage newspaper cover is a perfect and unique way to honor and remember this special occasion. 

A truly thoughtful and personalized touch of history.

Vintage Birthday Newspapers - Available For Any Year

The Artist's Studio version of our Memorial Portraits prominently feature your furry friend and allow for a full range of options to fully celebrate your pet.

At Buster+Gracie, we are pet owners and we are dedicated to creating quality artworks that pay tribute to your beloved pet and add an unforgettable piece of art to showcase on your walls.

Watercolour Style Canvas

Looking for a pet portrait style with timeless elegance? A Watercolour Style Pet Canvas is the perfect way to feature your pet, and make your walls look pretty darn good as well.

Royal Themed Portraits

Is your pet a Border Collie, a Poodle, a Persian, a Siamese? Whatever their breed, it doesn't begin to describe your pet's unique personality. But how about Admiral, Princess or Baron and Baroness? Now we're talking!

Loft Style Pet Portrait Canvas

London + Paris + Your Living Room. These ultra modern stylized pet portraits are showing up in all the nicest places. And if your fur-buddy has a fur-buddy or two of their own, there's plenty of room on the canvas for them to join.


Three Easy Steps 

Choose your style of portrait.

Upload your favorite photo of your pet.

Our artists will get to work creating your custom portrait + We'll provide a proof within 48 hours for your approval.

Buster+Gracie Pet Lovers Favorites

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your Custom Pet Portrait and will always provide you with a proof prior to sending your canvas. If not 100% happy, our artists will make it right.

Order now with complete confidence.